Scales 50 Kg Wimpex 4v

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Commercial Scales Electronic 50 Kg 4V Wimpex 



This model of scales is intended for weighing goods in trade in shops and other food outlets. Ideal for weighing vegetables, fruits, meat products, cereals, flour, as well as any other goods weighing up to 50 kg.
The body of these scales is made of durable high-quality plastic, while the platform is made of metal. WimpeX 50kg have two displays for displaying information on the goods, this is done for the sake of high convenience for both the seller and the buyer.
The scales are powered from a 220 V network or from a built-in battery (4V), the declared autonomy is 40 hours. The battery is charged while the balance is operating from the mains. Very light and handy model - very easy to transport.
Maximum weight - 50kg
Graduation scale - 2g
Power supply - from 220V network and built-in 4V battery
Platform size 23X34
Have 7 memory cells for the price
Double-sided display
Plastic case, platform - stainless steel.
Operating temperature from -10C to + 40C
When the scale is in idle mode, it automatically enters the low power consumption
mode.It has a built-in level indicator and adjustable feet.It has a low
battery indicator